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Category: Affordable Care Act

Read a blog post about Darvin’s personal #CoverageMatters story.
You may not be facing down a 1,500 pound cow, but what if you developed a serious illness or had a major accident and didn’t have insurance to cover it?
Read a blog post about how millions of Americans stand to benefit from Affordable Care Act tax credits to get covered.
Research shows that about half of the remaining uninsured don’t know that premium tax credits are available to keep coverage affordable.
Read a blog about Mina’s #CoverageMatters story.
Some of the people I’ve helped enroll feel healthy like I once did, but I remind them that even healthy individuals need coverage.
Read a blog post about the Stop the Clot, Spread the Word™ campaign and risks, signs, and symptoms of blood clots.
My success with Ice Cream Jubilee is more possible because I am confident that I can get quality, affordable health care as a small business owner.
Read a blog post about the #CoverageMatters social media campaign.
HHS is launching a new campaign to help you tell us what health coverage means for you and your loved ones. Share your story using #CoverageMatters.
Aaron Jump. Detroit, MI
I think everyone should have access to affordable health insurance, if only for their own peace of mind and the freedom to pursue their dreams.
Read a blog post about efforts to help rural America get covered for 2017.
Nearly 9 in 10 rural Marketplace consumers will be able to get tax credits to help pay for a plan that works for them and their families.
Read a blog post about how we’re working to make sure every veteran has access to affordable, quality health care.
Today, more veterans have the security and peace of mind that health coverage provides. But we have more work to do.
Read a blog post about Mary’s #GetCovered story.
Because of the Affordable Care Act and the 2008 mental health parity law, I can’t be denied coverage because of my pre-existing bipolar disorder.
All across the country, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is helping to make health care accessible to millions of people.