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Getting Ready for the Next Open Enrollment

Today, Secretary Burwell visited the Howard University College of Medicine to preview the work ahead of us during the third Open Enrollment period.

Mark your calendars. Open Enrollment for 2016 health coverage begins November 1.

Today, Secretary Burwell visited the Howard University College of Medicine to reflect on the progress made under the Affordable Care Act and to preview the work ahead of us during the third Open Enrollment period.

Secretary Burwell also broke some news during her speech on the impact the Affordable Care Act has had for millions of Americans.

Check out some of the issues the Secretary touched on during her speech this morning.


“Five years in, millions of people have new coverage and the annual uninsured rate has been reduced to its lowest levels on record… The Marketplace offered a product that millions of consumers wanted… The private sector has actually added 13.1 million jobs over 66 straight months of job growth. Our unemployment rate is at its lowest level since April of 2008. And we have not seen the creation of a “part-time economy.”


 “When we look at the evidence, the Affordable Care Act is delivering on access, affordability and quality.”


“According to a study we are releasing today, as the ACA’s coverage provisions took effect, an estimated 17.6 million Americans have gained coverage. And this progress has been even bigger for people of color: The uninsured rate among African-American adults has declined by more than 10 percentage points, compared to about 7.7 for the total population.”


“The ACA is about more than the Marketplace. People are beginning to understand that the ACA is improving their care no matter where they buy their insurance. With new protections and required benefits, like preventive services at no extra cost, it’s improved the quality of coverage for all Americans.” 


“The questions that surrounded this law a year ago have been answered, and now we have a new opportunity in front of us: building on this progress.”


“We have three main goals this year: improve the consumer experience, retain our current customers, and increase new enrollment. Current Marketplace customers express satisfaction with their coverage and we expect most to come back. And we believe we can continue to connect people with the coverage they need and bring the number of uninsured down.”


“All of us in this room have an important power, and with it an opportunity to empower others. And we know that there can be no power without health. It is the foundation of our lives. It affects our educations, our safety, and our economic opportunities. Until we know all Americans have a chance to find affordable coverage, quality care, and the tools to make the best decisions for their health, we will struggle as a nation to move forward.”


You can read Secretary Burwell’s full remarks here. Remember to follow the Secretary on Twitter @SecBurwell. You can join the conversation around today’s speech using #ACAToday.


Remember, Open Enrollment for 2016 coverage starts November 1, 2015. Sign up for text and email reminders to stay informed.

We’re getting ready for the third Open Enrollment → #ACAToday #ACAisWorking


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