Chart 6: Distribution of Persons Served Through Medicaid and Payments by Basis of Eligibility, Fiscal Year 2000

Chart 6 illustrates the point that payments for the elderly, blind and disabled account for 73 percent of total payments but only 27 percent of persons served. The horizontal axis shows the relationship between Medicaid beneficiaries served to Medicaid payment, with the vertical axis as the percentage of persons and payments. In FY2000, the "aged" population makes up 9.5 percent of persons served, and 27.5 percent of payments. The "blind and disabled" category comprises 17.6 percent of persons served and 45.1 percent of Medicaid expenditures. "Children" comprise 50.5 percent of persons served and 16.5 percent of Medicaid expenditures for FY2000. The final group represented on Chart 6, "adults," comprises 22.4 percent of persons served and 10.9 percent of spending. Note that (1) "Payments" describe direct Medicaid provider payments and Medicaid program expenditures for premium payments to third parties for managed care, as well as cost sharing on behalf of persons served who are dually enrolled in Medicaid and Medicare, but exclude DSH payments and Medicare premiums. (2) This chart excludes 3.7 million persons served with "unknown" basis of eligibility and 6.5 billion expenditures on behalf of persons served with "unknown" basis of eligibility in FY 2000. If included in the total above, "unknown" Medicaid persons served would have comprised about 9 percent of total persons served and about 4 percent of total expenditures.

Last Revised: November 6, 2003