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Region I

Regional Health Administrator:  Betsy Rosenfeld

Address: Government Center. J. F. Kennedy Federal Building. Suite 2100. Boston, Massachusetts 02203
Office Number: 617-565-1505

RHA Biography 

Betsy Rosenfeld
Larger Portrait (5 MB) 

Betsy Rosenfeld is the Regional Health Administrator (RHA) and Deputy RHA of the U.S. Department and Health Human Services (HHS) Region I which is comprised of the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  Ms. Rosenfeld has held the position of Deputy RHA-I since 1997. In this capacity, she has served as chief operations officer for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health Region with responsibility for a broad portfolio of public health work in New England, including women’s health, minority health, family planning, HIV prevention and emergency preparedness.

Ms. Rosenfeld was one of the founding members of the New England Public Health/Managed Care Collaborative and the chair of the New England Asthma Regional Council. She has worked with public and private insurers to encourage coverage of upstream preventive interventions as a mechanism for improving quality of care, reducing health care expenditures, improving workplace/school attendance, and strengthening community health outcomes. This foundational work produced the first-ever “business case” for expanded, prevention-focused asthma care. The practices have been adopted by a number of insurers regionally and nationally. 

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