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Public Health System, Finance, and Quality Program

Public Health is defined as what we do collectively to assure conditions in which people can be healthy. The public health system is the intricate network of organizations that work towards improving the health of the population.  The Public Health System, Finance, and Quality (PHSFQ) Program was created to provide national-level leadership on these topics in the field of public health.

The program is centered on identifying standardized concepts for quality that can be applied across all sectors providing public health services and programs. The Consensus Statement on Quality in the Public Health System and the Priority Areas for Improvement of Quality in Public Health[PDF 5.65 MB] report detail the process leading to the development of a national quality framework. Read more about the National Framework for Public Health Quality.

The Framework includes aims as characteristics of public health quality and priority areas for quality improvement to enhance and guide goals of existing and future programs. The aims are provided to describe the characteristics of what quality should look like and how it can be measured in public health. The priority areas provide direction on what areas to target for improvement. Both enhance strategic decision-making by providing direction on characteristics and areas to focus on when assessing quality improvement activities or when designing new programs and services. Applying the concepts uniformly across public health programs and services ensures that quality in the system conforms to national standards of public health quality.


Public Health Quality AimsPriority Areas for Improvement of Quality in Public Health