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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability

Presentations - May 2005

Review of May 2005 Advisory Committee Recommendations
Mark Brecher, M.D. [PDF - 45KB]

Progress and Challenges in the Efficacy, Safety and Paths to Licensure
Dorothy Scott, M.D., FDA [PDF - 97KB]

Update on IgIV Supply and Reimbursement
Patrick M. Schmidt, FFF Enterprises [PDF - 1.66MB]

IgIV Supply and Reimbursement
Julie Birkofer, Executive Director, PPTA [PDF - 91KB]

Immune Deficiency Foundation
Michelle B. Vogel, VP of Government Affairs [PDF - 80KB]

HHS Pandemic Action
Benjamin Schwartz, M.D., CDC [PDF - 516KB]

National Association of County and City Health Officials
Fernando Guerra, M.D. San Antonio Metropolitan Health District [PDF - 813KB]

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Richard Raymond, M.D., President ASTHO [PDF - 98KB]

Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologist
Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D. Massachusetts Department of Public Health [PDF - 126KB]

Models for Disease Reporting and Adverse Event Surveillance UDC
Michael Soucie, Ph.D., CDC [PDF - 452KB]

National Hospital-based Transfusion Reaction Surveillance using the NHSN
Teresa Horan, MPH, Epidemiologist, CDC [PDF - 453KB]

Models for Disease Reporting and Adverse Event Surveillance ArborNet
Theresa L. Smith, M.D., CDC [PDF - 67KB]

FDA Surveillance Programs
Robert P. Wise, M.D., MPH, FDA [PDF - 56KB]

NHLBI's funded RED-II Program: Understanding the RED-II Program and its Role in Detecting Emerging Threats
Michael P. Busch, M.D., Ph.D., Blood Systems Research Institute [PDF - 1.67MB]

Orphan Test Development: Removal of TSE Infectivity from Blood and Blood Products by Absorption
Robert Rohwer, Ph.D., VA., Baltimore and U of Maryland [PDF - 676KB]

PrP-Sc Detection in Blood
Alan Rudolph Ph.D., Adlyfe, Inc. [PDF - 463KB]

Detection of Protein Conformational Disorders
Stuart Wilson, Ph.D., Microsens, UK [PDF - 301KB]

Status of Pathogen Reduction
Laurence Corash, M.D., Cerus Corporation [PDF - 283KB]

Orphan Test Development: Malaria Detection
Sanjai Kumar, Ph.D., FDA [PDF - 1.40MB]

Chagas, Leishmania, and Bioterror Agents
Robert Duncan, Ph.D., FDA [PDF - 932KB]

Application of Nanotechnology
Dimitra Georganopoulou, PH.D., Northwestern University [PDF - 1.77MB]

Detection of New Pathogens Through Surveillance of Bank Sample
Eric Delwart, Ph.D., Blood Systems Research Institute [PDF - 1.04MB]

Update from Gambro BCT
Larry Dumont, Ph.D., Gambro BCT [PDF - 182KB]

Update form Pall
Stein Holme, Ph.D., Pall BioMedical [PDF - 199KB]

Comments from FDA
Jaroslav Vostal, M.D., Ph.D., FDA [PDF - 54KB]

Public Comments
James P. AuBuchon, M.D. [PDF - 117KB]