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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability

Presentations - January 2006

Review of CY 2005 Advisory Committee Recommendations
Jerry Holmberg, Ph.D. [PDF - 101KB]

Global Epidemic and Pandemic Surveillance and Response System
May Chu, Ph.D. [PDF - 1.7MB]

Pandemic Surveillance at the Grass Roots Level: Transmission and Clinical Detection
Anna Likos, M.D. [PDF - 291KB]

Vaccine Preparation and Process in an Influenza Pandemic
Jesse Goodman, M.D., M.P.H.
Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research [PDF - 110KB]

Pandemic Vaccines and Anti-Viral Strategy
Benjamin Schwartz, M.D. [PDF - 867KB]

State and Local Preparedness for an Influenza Pandemic
Alfred DeMaria, M.D. [PDF - 201KB]

Risk Communication in an Influenza Pandemic
Marc Wolfson, Public Affairs Officer [PDF - 63KB]

Pandemic Influenza: Identifying the Gaps of Knowledge in Transfusion and Transplantation Medicine
Indira Hewlett, Ph.D. [PDF - 161KB]

Blood Community Preparedness for an Influenza Pandemic
Louis Katz, M.D. [PDF - 100KB]

Influenza Viremia in Blood Donors and Potential Transmission through Transfusions and Transplantation
Philip Norris, M.D. [PDF - 218KB]

Modeling Pandemic Influenza
Steven Anderson, Ph.D. [PDF - 148KB]

Community Blood Supply Model and Potential Use in an Influenza Pandemic
Brian Custer, Ph.D. [PDF - 6.6MB]

Assessing the Potential Impact of Pandemic Influenza and other Emerging Threats on the Availability and Safety of the US Blood Supply
Shimian Zou, Ph.D. [PDF - 125KB]

Content last reviewed on July 11, 2006