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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability

Presentations - January 2005

Review of Aug 2004 Recommendations
Dr. Mark Brecher [PDF - 113KB]

Research Support for TRALI
Traci Mondoro, Ph.D. [PDF - 16KB]

Access to Treatment /Rare Blood Disorders
Mark Weinstein, Ph.D. [PDF - 13KB]

Follow-up Pall BFP-4 Filter
Hal Baker, V.P. [PDF - 45KB]

Summary of AABB Fall 2004 Survey and Review
Marianne Silva, MT(ASCP)SBB [PDF - 3.98MB]

Break-through of Contamination in Platelets
Arjun Srivivasan, M.D. [PDF - 100KB]

FDA Position for Seven Day Platelets and Pre-Store Pooling
Jaroslav G. Vostal, MD, Ph.D. [PDF - 51KB]

#1 and #2 Status of field trials for Seven Day Stored Platelets
Mark Brecher, M.D. [PDF - 623KB], [PDF - 233KB]

Impact of Availability of Whole Blood Platelets
Joseph Sweeney, M.D. [PDF - 372KB]

Data Collection in Support of Pre-Storage Pooled Platelets
Stein Holme, Ph.D. [PDF - 182KB]

Overview of 2005 Rule for HOPPS and Part B
James Bowman III, M.D. [PDF - 29KB]

Issues facing Core Plasma Therapies
Richard Metz, MD [PDF - 328KB]

Issues facing Core Plasma Therapies
Ms. Julie Birkhofer [PDF - 70KB]

Issues facing the Immune Deficiency Community
Ms. Michelle Vogel [PDF - 141KB]

Overview of IOM Report on Microbial Threats
Mark S. Smolinski, M.D. [PDF - 1.09MB]

Overview of Current Blood Borne Infectious Threats
Roger Dodd, Ph.D. [PDF - 1.47MB]

Blood Organization's Approach / Infectious Pathogens
Karen Lipton, J.D. [PDF - 39.7KB]

The Consumer Advocacy Approach / Infectious Pathogens
Ms. Shannon Penberthy [PDF - 795KB]

CDC Strategic Approach
Matthew Kuehnert, M.D. [PDF - 3.7MB]

FDA Strategic Approach
Edward Tabor, M.D. [PDF - 38KB]

West Nile Virus Case Example
Hira Nakhasi, Ph.D. [PDF - 44KB]

Chagas Disease Case Example
David Leiby, Ph.D. [PDF - 142KB]

HIV Challenges, Intervention, and Donor Management
Louis Katz, M.D. [PDF - 202KB]

HHV-8 Case Example
Mike Cannon, Ph.D. [PDF - 116KB]

vCJD Case Example
Mark Skinner, J.D. [PDF - 613KB]

PPTA Infectious Disease
Mary Gustafson [PDF - 46KB]

Prion Presentation
Hal Baker, V.P. [PDF - 758KB]