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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability


National Blood Reserve
Donald Doddridge [PDF - 82K]

Presumptive Transfusion Transmission of Variant CJD: Implication for the Safety of Blood and Blood Products
Jay S. Epstein, MD [PDF - 154K]

BSE in the US: USDA Response
Lisa A. Ferguson, DVM [PDF - 233K]

The State of the US Blood Supply from a Health Activist Point of View
Sidney M. Wolfe, MD [PDF - 126K]

The National Blood Policy; A Study in the Politics of Health
Paul J. Schmidt, MD [PDF - 426K]

1999 National Blood Policy Forum
Kathleen Sazama, MD, JD [PDF - 31K]

The Blood Supply System in Canada
Graham D. Sher, MD [PDF - 421K]

National Blood Programs In Developed Countries
Jeffrey McCullough, MD [PDF - 59K]

Magen David Adom Blood Services
Eilat Shinar [PDF - 491K]

The Role of Government in the Provision of Blood Services in England
Martin Gorham [PDF - 113K]

Haemophilia TreatmentA Global Perspective
Brian O'Mahony [PDF - 157K]

Government's Role in Assuring the Safety and Adequacy ofthe National Blood Supply: Supporting Community-based Blood Centers
Louis M. Katz, MD [PDF - 149K]

The Role of Government in Plasma Therapeutics
Christopher Healy, JD [PDF - 70K]