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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability

Presentation - August 2007

Update on Measles Antibody Standard for Immunoglobulin Lot Release
Basil Golding, M.D. [PDF - 175KB]

Human Tissue Task Force Report Summary
Mary Malarkey [PDF 124KB]

Update on the Advisory Council on Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
Robyn Ashton, R.N., M.S. [PDF - 73KB]

The US Donor Pool
William Riley, Ph.D. [PDF - 85KB]

CMS Update on Erythopoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) and importance of a National Coverage Determination
Louis Jacques, MD [PDF - 79KB]

Association of Community Cancer Centers
Matthew Farber, M.A. [PDF - 211KB]

Theresa Wiegmann, J.D. [PDF - 97KB]

Americas Blood Centers
Ruth Sylvester [PDF - 900KB]

American Red Cross
Richard Benjamin, M.D., Ph.D. [PDF - 195KB]

Donor Resources: Who represents the volunteer blood donor volunteer?
John Armitage, M.D. [PDF - 649KB]

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
Michael Payne [PDF - 950KB]

Biomedical Advance Research Authority (BARDA): Blood and Tissue-Related Medical Countermeasures Working Group
Jerry A. Holmberg, Ph.D. [PDF - 852KB]

Regulatory Perspectives on Disaster Response
Alan E. Williams, Ph.D. [PDF - 381KB]

Blood Availability and Safety Information System (BASIS)
Jerry A. Holmberg, Ph.D. [PDF - 758KB]

Reserve Donor Strategies
Kathy Brinsfield, M.D. [PDF - 568KB]