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Advisory Committee on Blood Safety and Availability

Presentations - August 2004

Review of Advisory Committee Recommendations
Holmberg, ACBSA [PDF - 106KB]

DHHS BASIS Blood Monitoring
Dean Ross, SCC [PDF - 2,058KB]

National Response Plan and Emergency Support Function #8
McMurtry, ACBSA [PDF - 191KB]

Activities of the AABB Interorganizational Task Force
Blietz, AABB [PDF - 428KB]

National Blood Reserve, Proof of Concept Using the ASWBPL
Libby, AABB [PDF - 2,020KB]

AUpdate on the Ad Council Initiative
Caswell, ABC ad counsel [PDF - 446KB]

Give Life Foundation
Fisher, Give Life [PDF - 24MB]

Update on TRALI and the Working Group of NHLBI
Popovsky, Heamonetics [PDF - 642KB]

Review of TRALI Consensus Meeting in Canada
Kleinman, Canada [PDF - 38KB]

Plasma Therapeutic Industry Economics
Bult, PPTA [PDF - 135KB]

Role of Reimbursement in Therapeutic Plasma Treatments
Birkhofer, PPTA [PDF - 135KB]

Consumer Access, Immune Deficiency Foundation
Vogel, IDF [PDF - 142KB]

Licensure Issues of New Advances in Replacement Products for Rare Bleeding Disorders
DiMichele, NHF [PDF - 73KB]

FDA's Current Thinking on Future Bacterial Detection Field Study Design
Vostal, FDA [PDF - 69KB]

AABB's Task Force on Detection of Bacterial Contamination of Platelet Products Status
Kleinman, AABB [PDF - 117KB]

Whole Blood Derived Platelets Stored as a Pool: A Randomized Block Non-Inferiority Trial
Heddle, McMaster Univ. [PDF - 1147KB]

Epidemiology of HBV and Programs on Prevention
Alter, CDC [PDF - KB]

Review of BPAC Discussion and FDA's Current Thinking on HBV Minipool NAT
Kaplan, FDA [PDF - 291KB]

Hepatitis B Virus Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology: Potential Uses at a Blood Center
Holland, Blood Center [PDF - 425KB]

Yield and Cost-effectiveness of HBV DNA Screening using Minipool or Individual NAT
Busch, BSI [PDF - 205KB]