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Establishment of a Departmental Action Transmittal System for the Office of Grants and Acquisition Management

Office of Grants and Acquisition Management (OGAM)
Room 517D - Hubert H. Humphrey Building
200 Independence Ave. S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201


Transmittal No.: OGAM AT 98-1

Date: 9/30/98

TO: HHS Grant/Contract Funding Agencies and Recipients of HHS Awards

SUBJECT: Establishment of a Departmental Action Transmittal System for the Office of Grants and Acquisition Management


OMB REFERENCE: 5 U.S.C. Section 553; 61 F.R. 43363-65 8/22/96; M&B Chapter AMG.00

APPLICABILITY: All recipients of HHS Awards and HHS Awarding Agencies


PURPOSE: This issuance establishes an Action Transmittal system for the Office of Grants and Acquisition Management (OGAM). Many of the Operating Divisions in HHS have for years utilized an action transmittal system to disseminate information and policy interpretations. We have concluded that this can be an effective means for the Secretary to organize and disseminate information to both the operating divisions within HHS as well as the general public. We will use this vehicle, where appropriate, to circulate grants administration, cost reimbursement and contract procedures, policy interpretations, and general information.

Most OPDIVs have several systems tailored to the information being disseminated. In addition to action transmittals, which typically direct field staff to undertake specific actions, they also have systems to issue policy clarifications (PIQs) and general program information (IMs). We have opted not to develop these additional systems. Rather, we will use the Action Transmittal system as a generic vehicle to accomplish these initiatives.

Action Transmittals by their very nature would not be subject to the formal notice and comment requirements of rulemaking under the Administrative Procedures Act because they transmit interpretive rules or general statements of policy.

These Transmittals will be posted to the HHS GrantsNet: They will be indexed by Federal fiscal year and numerically controlled sequentially, e.g. AT 98-1, 98-2, etc.


Terrence J. Tychan, Deputy Assistant Secretary
for Grants and Acquisition Management