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Mentoring Participation Agreement

[Download editable version of this form.]

Mentoring is a reciprocal experience with the goal of providing rich and rewarding experiences for both partners. Both partners should be respectful of each other’s time and commitments.

We mutually agree on the following conditions:

  1. I promise not to breach the confidentiality or disclose the information shared as a part of my mentoring partnership.
  2. I agree to meet the program commitment contained in the program information and website.
  3. The mentoring relationship will last until May 2014. After the initial period, the relationship will be re-evaluated. We will mutually agree to end the relationship or continue for an additional agreed upon time period outside the contract.
  4. We will meet once a month. While unforeseen circumstances may alter a particularly scheduled day, meetings will become part of my monthly calendar of professional activities, and I will plan and prepare for each meeting.
  5. Each meeting will last a minimum of one hour.
  6. We will complete all program evaluations as scheduled in the calendar of events.
  7. We agree to attend all the required meetings and training sessions as scheduled in the calendar of events. If I am not able to attend, I will notify the project manager and my mentor-mentee in advance.
  8. Between meetings, we will contact each other by e-mail or telephone.
  9. The mentor agrees to be honest and provide constructive feedback designed to help and support the mentee. The mentee agrees to be open to feedback and will attempt to incorporate suggestions into his or her professional routines.
  10. We agree to a no-fault conclusion to this relationship. Specifically, the relationship can end if no longer productive without fault being attributed to anyone. Should this occur before the program end date, we will notify the project manager.
  11. We agree to maintain a professional relationship with other program participants. 
  12. As a member of the program, I grant permission to include photos and or videos that may contain images of you in official program materials.
  13. I acknowledge that i have notified my supervisor and agree to the time commitment requirements of the program.  
  14. I understand that participating in the program does not guarantee promotions.


Mentee Signature: __________________________________________________

Mentor Signature: ___________________________________________________


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