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Office of Acquisition Workforce & Strategic Initiatives (OAWSI)

Topics on this page: OAWSI Responsibilities | OAWSI Strategic Initiatives | HHS Acquisition Resources | OAWSI Key Personnel

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OAWSI Responsibilities

The Office of Acquisition Workforce and Strategic Initiatives is responsible for:

  • Managing HHS’s acquisition workforce development programs.
  • Conducting acquisition document compliance reviews for all major HHS procurements.
  • Reviewing and providing comments to address gaps in various acquisition documents for compliance with federal regulations, statues, HHS policies, directives, and guidance.
  • Assuring HHS’s acquisition workforce has access to professional development, centralized training, and resources to maintain Federal Acquisition Certification credentials.
  • Enhancing governance, oversight, transparency and standardization across the HHS acquisition lifecycle framework.
  • Participating in government-wide boards, councils, and other collaborative forums related to federal workforce initiatives.
  • Fostering leading-edge policies, practices, and procedures in support of constant next-generation provisioning.


OAWSI’s mission is to provide excellent support and expertise to HHS acquisition workforce professionals in the areas of acquisition training and certification, career development, and HHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework document compliance reviews.


OAWSI’s vision is to sustain a fully trained and certified professional HHS acquisition workforce staff who are committed to using the HHS Acquisition Lifecycle Framework for all acquisitions.

OAWSI Strategic Initiatives

OAWSI Programs

Program Area


Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC)

  • FAC- Contracting/C
  • FAC- Contracting Officer Representative/COR
  • FAC- Project/Program Manage/PPM

Acquisition Leadership Development

  • Acquisition Mentor Program
  • Talent Exchange Program (TALEX)
  • Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP)

Acquisition Training

Federal Acquisition Institute Training Application System (FAITAS)


HHS Acquisition Resources

Helpful HHS Acquisition Resources:

OAWSI Workforce and Strategic Initiatives Personnel

Program Area(s)

Staff and Title

Senior Advisor to all OAWSI Programs and Projects

Dr. Lisa Davis,  Director

Acquisition Mentor Program

Ali Pourghassemi, Acquisition Certification Manager


Michaela Link Brown, Acquisition Certification Manager

Talent Exchange (TALEX) Program
Acquisition Strategic Leaders (ASLP) Program

Detavious L. Coleman, Program Manager

HHS Centralized Training

Brittene Radcliffe, Project Manager

Strategic Initiative: Acquisition Lifecycle Framework Compliance

Natesa Robinson, Team Lead

Strategic Initiative: Acquisition Lifecycle Framework Reviews and Intake

Rodney Brooks, Procurement Analyst

Content last reviewed on January 4, 2016