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Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) Certification

The purpose of the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) is to establish general training, experience and development requirements for program and project managers (P/PMs) at HHS based upon core competencies needed to successfully manage programs. This certification program will promote continued development of essential knowledge, skills and abilities for P/PMs to improve program outcomes.

The FAC-P/PM is founded on (1) core competencies that are considered essential for successful program and project management, (2) experience requirements, and (3) continuous learning to maintain skills currency. FAC-P/PM contains three levels of certification: entry-, mid- and senior-level. FAC-P/PM-required knowledge, skills, and experience at each of the levels are detailed at .

The FAC-P/PM Competency Model with descriptions of each certification level, a list of the competencies, and performance outcomes for each competency at each level is also available at Achieving each certification level in progression from entry- through senior-level is not required; however, P/PMs may only be certified at a certain level after they achieve all competencies for that certification level. In addition, lower level competencies needed to perform at the level being certified must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the certifying agency.

All applications for FAC-P/PM certification must be processed through FAITAS. All senior level FAC-P/PM applicants must have their qualifications certified by an independent Qualifications Review Board before being appointed to serve as a P/PM managing major investments at HHS.

Ali Pourghassemi currently serves as the HHS Departmental Acquisition Career Manager for the FAC-P/PM Program and is responsible for administering the program requirements across the agency. 

Detailed information on HHS FAC-P/PM program requirements may be found by viewing the HHS’ Acquisition Workforce Program Guide or by contacting your Division ACM.