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Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP)

Section 3: Program Requirements & Registration Process


Candidates interested seeking to participate in the ASLP must adhere to the following requirements:

  • Meet all registration requirements outlined in the program guidance;
  • Be a GS-14 (or higher) or the equivalent;
  • Have a record of strong accomplishment (Performance Evaluation);
  • Be able to travel to the Washington DC Metro area; and
  • Have the ability and interest to commit and contribute fully to the program.


Interested participants must provide a registration package to the servicing OPDIV/STAFFDIV Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) and will forward to the Departmental Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) for review. The required documents are:

  • ASLP Registration Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Statement of Recommendation by Supervisor


Once the registration review is complete, the Program Manager will work with the servicing OPDIV/STAFFDIV to obtain information to initiate pre-program logistics of selected participants.  The number of participants will be determined by the program’s annual budget.

For more information or to register, please contact Michaela Link Brown at or at (202) 205-5871.


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