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Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP)

Section 2: Program Design

The HHS Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP) is an 8-month program which seeks to provide the opportunity to develop executive skills for those in the field of acquisition.  With executive core qualifications as the foundation, participants will work individually on and discuss together strategies to maximize leadership growth within the HHS acquisition community.

Participants will complete a 360-degree skill assessment, journal program experiences, attend and actively engage in all workshops, and participate in the HHS Mentor Program.  Graduates of this program should register with HHS University to become part of the Coaching Cadre.  Participants will receive individualized executive coaching throughout the program and will create a personal profile.


In addition to explaining the ASLP, the orientation session will address expectations, goal and objectives, logistics, and frequently asked questions.


Learning occurs through distinguished instruction, experiential activities, and networking with other federal leaders. This Program encompasses a series of workshops where participants will gain insight into aggregate and personal leadership strengths, learn to navigate change, and collaborate with inter-agency and cross-sectorial partners.

The Workshops for this year’s program are:

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading and Organizing Change
  • Developing Strategic Thinking
  • Becoming Collaborative Next-Generation Leaders

Participants must devote a significant amount of effort to this Program and requires availability for all workshops and coaching activities. Workshops will be held in Washington, DC.  The participant’s home office must coordinate travel accommodations.

Program Graduation

In the final workshop, participants will attend an Executive Committee for Acquisition (ECA) meeting and share overall best practices, program experiences, and personal accomplishments with HCAs, Departmental ACM, and other program participants.  Personal profiles will be submitted to the Program Manager.

Interim and Final Evaluations

Participants will complete interim and final evaluations during the program.  Participant feedback will be used to quantify program success and establish program improvements.  Upon receipt of the final evaluation, the Program Manager will issue a certificate of completion, with the associated CLPs, to participants.


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