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Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP)

Section 1: Program Purpose & Expectations

The Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Acquisition Strategic Leaders Program (ASLP) prepares leaders in the field of acquisition to assume higher and broader roles and responsibilities. As a government leader, your Federal career may transition from individual contributor to team leader, supervisor, middle manager or the executive. Each transition requires a new organizational view, higher-level skills and new strategies for achieving results.


In the increasing challenges of our times, Federal leaders must cultivate a culture of innovation, embrace creative solutions, and navigate complex systems. Today’s leaders must not only possess exceptional analytical and deductive skills, but also learn to aggregate insights and resources from disparate communities and organizations to solve challenges.  The purpose of ASLP is to maximize leadership potential by addressing inherent challenges, strengthening leadership styles, and engaging in collaborative training workshops.

GS-14’s and above will participate in leadership workshops, sharing best practices, and organizational engagement. Each participant will work closely with executive coaches to develop leadership skills that transition managers to leaders. In addition, participation in HHS’s Mentor Program and registering to become a coach for HHS’ Coaching Cadre is also required.


ASLP constituents must:

  • Be flexible, adaptable, and willing to be a member of a cohesive team
  • Show initiative, professional excellence, commitment to public service, and integrity
  • See value in lifelong learning
  • Be highly motivated to success and willing to challenge him/herself to do so
  • Be committed to building collaborative relationships

Participants complete the program with a greater understanding of their individual strengths, sharpened leadership skills, and the ability to influence others.


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