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2014 Acquisition Mentoring Program

Section 1: Strategy

The Federal Workforce Flexibility Act of 2004 includes provisions for Federal agencies to regularly evaluate and modify training programs in order to develop future managers.

As a result of this Act HHS Staff and Operating Division’s (STAFFDIV/OPDIV’s) developed informal mentoring programs seeking to provide structure and guidance to this important initiative. OAWSI formally introduced a pilot acquisition mentor program within HHS in July of 2012.  The inaugural launch featured 20 participants who took part in various training sessions, a field-trip, and a graduation ceremony. Seeking to build upon this success, the following program barriers were identified: (1) Geographic limitations - applicants outside of Washington Metropolitan area; (2) Mentor-Mentee mismatch; and (3) Scheduling conflicts.

To mitigate these barriers for future mentor program participants OAWSI has implemented the following specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) goals for immediate improvement.

  1. Establish formal policies, procedures and responsibilities
  2. Engage in monthly contact with participants
  3. Increased continuous learning points (CLPs) for program completion   

Along with the initiatives above OAWSI will nominate a senior leader within HHS to serve as the mentor program champion. This individual will work collaboratively with the mentor program manager and advisors to communicate the purpose and need for the program to stakeholders, obtain and maintain senior leadership support, and convey program benefits to all HHS acquisition workforce personnel.

OAWSI will formally launch the revamped second annual 2014 HHS Acquisition Mentor Program on October 22nd 2013.  Selected participants will engage in robust Mentor-Mentee team-building activities to include; an orientation session, a kick-off, leadership centric workshops, a field-trip and a graduation ceremony.


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