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2014 Acquisition Mentoring Program Overview

The Office of Acquisition Workforce & Strategic Initiatives (OAWSI) professionalizes the HHS acquisition workforce by levering technology, providing innovative training solutions and implementing industry best practices in all facets of acquisition workforce development.

OAWSI has developed the 2014 HHS Acquisition Mentor Program to maximize the learning and development of entry to mid-level acquisition workforce professionals through a series of developmental experiences for mentoring pairs. Through these mentoring relationships, mentors will have the opportunity to coach, guide and share experiences that will contribute to a mentee’s development.  Mentoring opportunities will vary according to needs and interests of mentees and Staff or Operating Division (STAFFDIV/OPDIV).  Successful mentoring relationships will require time, commitment, and clear paths of action.

This program is intended to specifically engage participants by facilitating an understanding of what it means to be a professional in their working environment.   It also assists them in becoming more resilient in times of change, self-reliant within their careers, and responsible as self-directed learners.  The Mentor Program shall support:

  • Leadership & Management Development;
  • Knowledge Management/Transfer; and
  • Employee engagement through inclusion and intra-organizational learning.

While reviewing the mentor program, you will notice that OAWSI values the continued professional development of the HHS acquisition workforce. We believe doing so is essential to the Division of Acquisition’s (DA) mission of becoming a world-class acquisition organization and vital recruitment strategy in retaining the best talent, and becoming an employer of choice.

The mentor program is continually evolving and certain aspects of our implementation and program guidelines may change to fit participant needs. This living document will be refreshed periodically to reflect these changes.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the 2014 HHS Acquisition Mentor Program! We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to enhance professional development across HHS. Should you have any questions please contact me directly.


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