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2014 Acquisition Mentoring Program

Section 6: Program Evaluation

Mentor-Mentee Meetings - Through monthly Mentor-Mentee meetings, participants will gauge how their relationship is progressing. This will also ensure all parties are mutually benefiting from their experience. These established meetings may occur face-to-face or via teleconference and will foster partnership commitment, transparency, and value.

Interim and Final Evaluations - Program evaluations of the Mentor-Mentee experience is critical to ensure program success.  The evaluations will capture relevant information including interaction, activity, and satisfaction level of participants. Participants should expect to receive a Web-based survey at the three and six-month intervals and a final survey upon program conclusion.  Completion of all program evaluations is required for successful program graduation and to earn CLPs.  All evaluations will remain confidential and results shall be utilized to institute future mentor program improvements.




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