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Summary of Changes from Version 5.0 to 6.0 of the Purchase Card Guide



Cover Page

Changed  “Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, to “Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources”
Changed “Office of Acquisition Management” to “Office of Grants and Acquisition Policy and Accountability”
Updated to reflect current version and year

Entire Guide

Changed acronyms from “ASAM/OAMP” to ASFR/OGAPA

Part I – Section B
Page 1

Updated title for submitting policy deviations to  "Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisitions"

Part V – Section A
Page 19

Table 3, Required Sources for Services "contract closeout" deleted from the Categories of Strategic Sourcing contracts and BPA for services

Part V – Section A
Page 27

Reference to "Executive Order No 13514 Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance"

Part V – Section E
Page 32

Added an initiative for OPDIVs to analyze their card environment for opportunities to minimize convenience check use

Part V – Section F
Page 32

Inserted guidance for OPDIVs to use other commercially available SmartPay products and services offered by the bank (i.e., debit cards, pre-paid cards, etc)

Part V – Section I
Page 34

Clarified guidance on property accountability to be more specific on the cardholder’s role; and the examples of sensitive items now include Kindles and iPads)

Part VII – Section C
Page 51

Departmental reviews changed to coincide with the ASFR/OGAPA procurement management review of OPDIV contracting activity

Part VII – Section D
Page 54

Inserted guidance on the servicing banks’ role in screening accounts for suspicious activity

Part VII – Section D
Page 56

Table 7, Consequences for Purchase Card Fraud and Misuse, added “Failure to Dispute Charges”

Appendix C
Page C-1

Added more clarity to the guidance prohibiting the use of the card to pay for travel related expenses for employees on temporary duty travel (TDY)

Appendix D
Page D-3

Inserted guidance on using the card to purchase subway fare cards, smart-trip reloads, shuttle service, etc for employee local travel on official government business

Appendix G
Pages G-1 to G-3

Updated Reference and Resource web links

Appendix H
Page H-1

Updated A/OPC list

Appendix I
Pages I-1 to I-5

Definitions added:
   Contact less payment cards
   Debit card
   Pre-paid card
   Tier 1
   Tier 2
   Value added product and service offerings
   Required Product and services Offerings