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Sample Individual Development Plan for HHS Acquisition Workforce Members


Please complete all questions and information working with and obtaining approval of your immediate supervisor(s). Completion of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is required for members of HHS’ acquisition workforce. If needed, please attach additional sheets. 

* Note: This is only a sample. HHS OPDIVs/STAFFDIVs may use their own IDP format.

Employee Name:

Current Position, Series, and Grade:


Career goals and objectives (include positions and classifications):

  • Short Range Range (within the next year)
    (Describe positions and/or classifications, education/training, etc. that are your goal(s) or objective(s)) 


  • Long Range (within 3-5 years)
    (Describe positions and/or job classifications, education/training, etc. that are your goal(s) or objective(s)) 


What developmental goals or objectives are you specifically seeking? 

  • Personal development (Describe) 


Describe subject matter development. List courses to be taken. 


What are my strengths for pursuing these goals and objectives?


What areas do I need to improve upon or develop to achieve these goals and objectives? 


What methods are proposed to meet the goal(s) and objective(s) described above? 

  • Formal training: (Describe training programs/plans). 
  • Developmental assignments: (Describe any special assignments, training within a department or special area, rotational/developmental opportunities, obtain an acquisition role model or mentor, be a mentor/coach, etc.) that would assist you in reaching your goals or objectives (include dates and times). 
  • What is the purpose of pursuing these developmental activities/assignments? 


Skill Development: 
(For example, my goal(s) or objective(s) involve developing the following competencies...). (What knowledge, skills or developmental activities or competencies would help me prepare for opportunities or roles that I may have or would like to have in the future)? 


Results expectedfrom achievement of goal(s) and objective(s)


What interests me most about my organization and my field? 


Goals/objectives I have achieved since my previous IDP dated


What obstacles might prevent me from achieving my goals in the timeframe specified? 


What can I or my organization do to help me overcome these obstacles? 


Please include any other information that would assist in explaining your proposed IDP. 


Resources I will need: 

Supervisor’s comment on the employee’s IDP and the feasibility of the plan. 


Additional Remarks: 


Employee signature and date: ____________________________________________________ 

Immediate supervisor signature and date: __________________________________________ 

Second level supervisor signature and date (optional): ________________________________