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HHS Acquisition Worktools

Topics on this page:

HHS provides a number of worktools to assist staff in planning, developing, and implementing procurements with the highest of quality. Tools include “Desk” References, Checklists, Templates, and Acquisition Guides.

Acquisition Guides and Resources

Our guides are useful in planning and using acquisition materials.

Acquisition Templates

Our templates help HHS acquisition professionals develop consistent documentation across the lifecycle of the procurement process.

Acquisition Planning

  • APM 2009-05, Attachment A: “HHS Instructions for Preparation of an Acquisition Strategy,” (Template) 07-29-2009 (DOC - 15 pages)
  • HHS Acquisition Plan (AP) October 2010 (DOC - 30 pages)
  • HHS Annual Acquisition Plan Template and Instructions (PDF - 65.32 KB)
  • HHS Acquisition Plan Waiver Request Template and Instructions (PDF - 93.63 KB)

Contract Competition

Contract File Checklists

To guide contracting personnel throughout the procurement lifecycle, we have developed checklists to help in planning and ensuring compliance with all laws and policies.

Desk References

  • Contract Funding Desk Reference
    The “Contract Funding Desk Reference” has been temporarily taken down so that changes can be made to align it with the requirements of Acquisition Alert 2013-01 “Guidance Regarding Funding of Contracts for Services Exceeding One Year of Performance Using Annual Appropriations” issued July 19, 2013.


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Content last reviewed on July 18, 2014