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GSA FSS Order/BPA Checklist – Unsuccessful Quotations/Oral Presentations

Prescribed by HHSAR 304.803-70 Current as of May 8, 2009    


GSA FSS Contract number: _________________

Delivery/task order or BPA number: _______________________

Performance period: ____________________________

Award date: ______________

Contractor name: ___________________________


File original copies of initial/final unsuccessful quotations for award of delivery/task orders and establishment of BPAs (or the record of each respondent’s oral presentations, if applicable) in this folder. List each organization submitting an unsuccessful quotation by name and separate each quotation/respondent’s oral presentation with a lettered tab. If a quotation(s) is too large to be filed in this folder, list the name of the respondent next to a lettered tab and include a reference in the blank provided to the quotation’s physical location and the folder/file in which it can be found.


TabUnsuccessful Organizations



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