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GSA FSS Order/Task Order Checklist – Administration and Closeout

Prescribed by HHSAR 304.803-70 Current as of May 8, 2009   


GSA FSS Contract number: _________________

Delivery/task order or BPA number: _______________________

Performance period: ____________________________

Award date: ______________

Contractor name: ___________________________


Use this checklist for the administration and closeout of delivery and task orders against GSA FSS contracts exceeding the micro-purchase threshold. File completed/received reports and deliverables under the appropriate sub-tab in Tab C. If a report or other document is filed other than in the order file, indicate its location under Tab C. For modifications (Tab D), file each modification by its own numbered tab – e.g., modification #1, #2, etc., and include for each the applicable information cited in the sub-tabs. (NOTE: This checklist does not apply to BPAs that are established. See FAR 8.405-3(d) for procedures regarding the review and administration of BPAs.)


Tab A – Administration

__ Stop-work orders (FAR Subpart 42.13)

__ Freedom of Information Act requests (FAR 24.2; HHSAR 324.202)

__ Property administration (FAR Part 45)

__ Annual evaluations of contractor performance (FAR Subpart 42.15; HHSAR 342.7002)

__ Miscellaneous correspondence and documentation

__ Other


Tab B – Invoices and Other Financial Information

__ Invoices

__ Disputes clause appeals (FAR 12.403)

__ Contractor’s termination settlement documentation (FAR 12.403; Part 49)

__ Financial reports/other financial information

__ Other


Tab C – Reports and Deliverables

Tab C-1 Reports

Technical and progress reports

Receiving, inspection, and acceptance reports (FAR 8.406-2)

COTR receipt, acceptance, comments



Tab C-2 Deliverables and Other Reports


COTR receipt, acceptance, comments



Tab D – Modifications

Tab D-1 Planning Documentation for Modification

__ Acquisition request document(s)

__ Limited Source Justification (LSJ) (FAR 8.405-6; HHSAR 308.405-6)  

__ Other


Tab D-2 Determinations and Clearances

__ Exercise of option (FAR 17.207)

__ Paperwork Reduction Act: OMB clearance (HHSAR 352.270-7)

__ Printing (FAR 8.8)

__ Other


Tab D-3 Contractor Notification/Response

__ Modification letter/request to contractor

__ Contractor’s technical/price response (FAR 4.803)

__ Questions and responses (FAR 4.803)

__ Notice of termination (FAR 12.403; Part 49)

__ Other


Tab D-4 Other Modification Support Documentation, Funding, Clearances, and Transmittals

__ CO/COTR analysis of contractor’s technical/price response

__ Termination settlement agreement (FAR 12.403; Part 49)

__ Funding document (e.g., requisition)

__ Modification support documentation

__ Internal/other file review

__ Data entry (FPDS/DCIS sheet) (FAR 4.602; HHSAR 304.602)

__ Modification transmittal letter

__ Other


Tab D-5 Modification Document

__ Signed original modification


Tab E – Closeout (FAR 4.804-5)

__ Expiration letter to contractor

__ Contractor’s final payment invoice

__ Contractor’s release form

__ COTR certification/final receiving report

__ CO’s final certification/completion statement

__ Data entry (FPDS/DCIS sheet) (FAR 4.602; HHSAR 304.602)

__ Other




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