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Attachment A: Model Appointment Memo

TO:                   Angela Billups, Senior Procurement Executive (SPE)
                        Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition

FROM:              [HCA's Name], Head of Contracting Activity, [OPDIV/STAFFDIV],
                         [Organizational Acronym]

SUBJECT:        Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) Delegation of Appointment

This memorandum appoints [Insert ACMs Name(s)] as the [Insert OPDIVISTAFFDIV Name] Acquisition Career Manager (ACM).  In this capacity,  [Insert ACMs Name] has been delegated authority  to act on behalf of [Insert OPDIVISTAFFDIV Acronym] in all matters  related to Acquisition Workforce Training  and Development, as well as the Federal Acquisition Certification Program  for Contracting (FAG-C), Federal Acquisition Certification Program  for Contracting Officers  Representatives (FAG-COR), and Federal Acquisition Certification Program  and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)  programs.

Pursuant to my authority as Head of Contracting Activity (HCA), I hereby appoint [Insert ACMs Name] as Acquisition Career Manager(s) (ACM) for [Insert OPDIVISTAFFDIV Acronym] effective immediately.

This delegation of appointment is limited and applicable only to [Insert OPDIV/STAFFDIV Acronym], is non-transferable, and cannot be delegated to another individual without written consent of the HCA.  This authority is held so long as this appointment remains in effect unless revoked through written notice by the HCA.


ACCEPTANCE: _________________________________________  Date ___________________________
                                               [ACMs Name]


CONCURRENCE: _______________________________________ Date ___________________________    
                                             [ACMs Supervisor's Name]


CONCURRENCE: _______________________________________ Date ___________________________
                                                    [HCAs Name], Date

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