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HHS Reference Tool for Contract Funding, Formation and Appropriations Law Compliance

Home | Overview | Regulations and Guidance | Case Studies | Frequently Asked Questions | Disclaimer

Regulations and Guidance

This section of the reference tool provides links to various web sites and documents related to contract funding, formation, policies and principles of Federal appropriations law.

Statutory References

United States Code Search (U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Law Revision Counsel)

Government-wide Acquisition Policy

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) — Official site maintained by the General Services Administration (GSA)

Hill Air Force Base Contracting Laboratory — This site offers a second means to access the FAR on-line and also access the FAR Supplements of major Civilian and Defense agencies

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Resources

HHS Acquisition Regulation

HHS Acquisition Policies and Guidance

HHS Acquisition Policy Memorandum 2010-01, Guidance Regarding Funding of Contracts Exceeding One Year of Performance

Government Accountability Office (GAO) Resources

Search GAO Reports and Testimony (includes Comptroller General Decisions)

Principles of Federal Appropriations Law—Interactive Third Edition, Volumes I, II and III, plus Index/Table of Authorities

These web-based versions of the Third Edition of the Principles of Federal Appropriations Law, Volumes I, II and III, were reposted to include updated active electronic links to GAO decisions and allow navigation between all three volumes. Additionally, the new web-based Index/Table of Authorities (Index/TOA) incorporates information from Volumes I, II and III. All four documents may be used independently or interactively.

Volume I
Volume II
Volume III
Index/Table of Authorities

NOTE: The Interactive Third Edition does not access the Annual Updates listed below. The user must access them individually to review any changes to issues of interest.

Annual Update - March 2011

Annual Update - March 2010

Annual Update - March 2009

Annual Update - March 2008

Annual Update - March 2007

Annual Update - March 2006

Annual Update - March 2005

GAO 2010 Appropriation Law Forum

Obligational Consequences of Federal Contracts