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HHS Reference Tool for Contract Funding, Formation and Appropriations Law Compliance



Regulations and

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions


Case Studies

This section of the reference tool includes 12 case studies designed to illustrate the application of specific appropriations law-related principles to hypothetical contract formation and funding scenarios. Each case study is HHS-focused and presents solution(s) consistent with appropriations law and HHS acquisition policy requirements. While illustrative of particular principle(s), these case studies are not intended to substitute for obtaining legal advice or consulting with budget/finance and contracting personnel, when necessary.

From this location, the user may scan the topics listed, choose a specific case study of interest, review it, return to this list to choose another case, or navigate to a different portion of this reference tool.

Alternatively, the user may navigate through all 12 case studies in succession by clicking on the links below.

  1. Advance Funding of Options
  2. Distinguishing severable and non-severable services
  3. Extending the performance period for severable services
  4. Distinguishing among phases, options, performance increments and severability
  5. Ability to acquire both severable and non-severable services under a single contract
  6. Use of incremental funding for severable, fixed-price requirements
  7. Long-term severable services: contract formation alternatives
  8. Alternatives in forming a contract for non-severable services
  9. Amortizing cancellation ceiling under a multi-year contract
  10. Adopting prudent contracting practices during a continuing resolution
  11. Contracting in advance of a bona fide need
  12. Use of options to acquire non-severable services at the conclusion of a multi-year contract

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