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Contract Closeout Guide Attachment 3: Contracting

(Intended Use:  For contracts to which standard closeout procedures apply (see Chapter 3, Paragraph B.1. of this Guide)).The CO must complete and send the letter below to the contractor within 15 calendar days after receipt of the COR’s Certification of Contract Completion. The instructions for preparing the letter and FAR references should not be part of the completed letter. Do not include this introductory paragraph or the attachment designation and title in the completed letter. The completed letter should begin with the date.

NOTE: Closeout requirements vary depending on contract type, the clauses included in a specific contract, and the nature of the requirement, e.g., Research and Development (R & D), supplies, services, construction. Accordingly, not all of the closeout requirements specified below will apply to all contracts. The CO should tailor the letter to accommodate the circumstances of each contract.)

Date: (insert date)

(insert name and address of the contractor)

Attn: (insert name of contractor’s business contact point)

Subject: (insert contract number or task order number and project title)

The cited contract (insert “was completed” or “expired”) on (insert date).

To facilitate the administrative closure of this contract, please provide the following information and complete and return the enclosed documents by (insert date), unless otherwise indicated, for any specific item listed below.

(NOTE: By the time the CO sends this letter to the contractor, the contractor may have already provided a completion voucher or final invoice for work completed through the contract completion/expiration date. If the contractor has not yet submitted one, the CO should request that the contractor provide it, as applicable. See FAR 52.216-7. For a CR contract, the CO should request that the contractor provide the completion voucher within 120 days (or longer period if approved by the CO) after settlement of the final, annual indirect cost rates, if applicable, for all years of the physically completed contract.)

(Insert one of the following statements as item 1. Use the first statement for CR contracts and the second one for FP contracts.)

  1. An original and two copies of a voucher covering the costs incurred through the contract expiration date. The Contractor shall also provide an original and two copies of a completion voucher, which includes final indirect costs and rates, within 120 days (specify if the CO establishes a different time period for submission)after settlement of final annual indirect cost rates for all years of a physically completed contract.


    An original and two copies of a final invoice for work completed under the contract.

  2. A Government property inventory report (SF 1428 and SF 1429) of Government property in possession of the contractor or subcontractor(s) (The Contracting Officer should reference FAR 45.106 for further information.)

  3. Contractor’s Certification – “General Provisions, regarding patents, copyrights, and royalties,” attached hereto as Enclosure 1. See FAR 4.804-5 (a)(2) and Subpart 27.2 for more information.

  4. At the time the final invoice or completion voucher is submitted, a:
    • Contractor’s Release of Claims, attached hereto as Enclosure 2.
    • Contractor’s Assignment of Refunds, Rebates, Credits, and Other Amounts (see Enclosure 2); at the time the final invoice or completion voucher is submitted.

    NOTE: This requirement does not apply to FP contracts. See FAR 16.307(a), 52.216-7, and 52.232-7 for  further information.

  5. A statement that all subcontracts have been settled at the time the final invoice or completion voucher is submitted. See FAR 44.401 for more information.)

  6. A copy of your Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) report, submitted on-line at (The CO should reference FAR 19.704 for more information.)

Provide all requested information to: (insert complete mailing address or e-mail address)

If you believe any of the above requirements are not applicable to the subject contract, clearly state your position, state the rationale for your decision, as well as provide all supporting documentation, in your response. If you have any questions, contact (insert name of contact point)at: (insert)(voice) or (insert) (e-mail) as soon as possible.



(insert name and signature of CO)



1. Contractor’s Certification – General Provisions [link to Enclosure 1]
2. Contractor’s Release of Claims and/or Assignment of Refunds, Rebates, Credits, and Other Amounts [link to Enclosure 2]