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Contract Closeout Guide Attachment 2: Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification of Contract Completion – Template and Instructions

(Intended Use:  For contracts to which standard closeout procedures apply (see Chapter 3, Paragraph B.1.[add link to Chapter 3 B bookmark], of this Guide). The CO must complete the information specified below and send a copy of the request to the COR within 30 calendar days after the completion of delivery of property or services. The instructions should not be part of the completed request. Do not include this introductory paragraph or the attachment designation and template title in the completed request. The completed request should begin with the date.)

Date: (insert date)

To: (insert COR name)

From: (insert CO name and signature)

Subject: Request for COR Certification of Contract Completion (insert the following information):

Contract or Task Order number: _____________________________

Project Title _____________________________________________

Contractor name: _____________________________

Contract completion/expiration date: ______________

In order to initiate administrative closeout of the designated contract, please review and complete the certification provided below and return a signed original of this request within 14 calendar days after receipt. If, for any reason, you are unable to certify satisfactory completion of the contract at this time, please inform me in writing (via e-mail at (insert e-mail address) as soon as possible.

I hereby certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that the above-named Contractor has satisfactorily completed all work requirements of this contract. I further certify that the Contractor is not now in default regarding the furnishing of any deliverables or reports (including final technical report, if required by the contract), disclosures, licenses, equipment, property, data, information, or any other tangible articles required under the terms of the contract.