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Office of Enterprise Support Programs

Director: Kristin M. Gillham (202) 619-3690


The Office of Enterprise Support Programs (OESP) is responsible for developing, managing and directing the Department's policy, plans, and guidance for assessment and performance improvement functions to include leadership, information and analysis, strategic planning, process management, and business results in the areas of sustainability, personal property, environmental and energy programs, and occupational safety and health programs.


Our employees are committed to living and spreading sustainable practices throughout the entire organization, focusing on constant improvement in the effectiveness and efficiencies of our operations, by living and working in accordance with the highest levels of ethical conduct.

Department Programs

Occupational Safety and Health Program

Jeffrey Sypolt, Chief of Safety - (202) 619-2018

Manages the Department’s program per Executive Order 12196, Occupational Safety and Health Programs and 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1960, Administration of Agency Occupational Safety and Health Program. Assists the operating divisions and develops departmental policy and procedural issuance regarding occupational safety and health operating concepts, training, work place inspections, abatement plans, and employee complaints and appeals. Partners with HHS Human Resources to lead Department’s Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment (POWER) Initiative.

HHS Federal Real Property Assistance Program

Theresa Ritta, Supervisory Realty Speciality - (301) 443-2265

The Real Property Branch administers the Federal Property Assistance Program for HHS. The Branch transfers federal surplus real properties for use by various public health programs, as well as homeless assistance programs, offered by state and local government agencies and private non-profit organizations. It monitors and oversees the proper use of the property after its transfer.

Environmental Quality Program

CAPT Edward Pfister, United States Public Health Corps - (202) 619-0788

Develops Health and Human Services-wide policies related to the Department’s environmental protection program as required by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Office of Federal Environmental Executive and the White House Council for Environmental Quality. Coordinates with Operating and Staff Divisions to ensure departmental compliance in accordance with applicable legislation – including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and relevant statutes – executive orders and other regulations. Provides technical assistance to the operating and staff divisions and monitors environmental program scorecard progress.

HHS Quality and Sustainability Program

Theodore Kozak, Chief Engineer - (202) 690-8120

Establishes and maintains a centralized energy program, coordinating the energy/water conservation efforts throughout the Department. Represents HHS on Interdepartmental Work Groups relating to Energy and Water conservation issues. Drafts policy, provides technical assistance, manages the awards program, reports to Department of Energy (DOE) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and provides/sponsors training to the operating divisions and staff divisions. Facilitates alternative financing of energy/water projects, manages an extensive energy awareness campaign and meets the requirements of National Energy Conservation Policy Act, Executive Order (EO) 13423, Executive Order (EO) 13514, Energy Policy Acts, Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and Presidential Directives.

HHS Personal Property Policy and Management Program

Mike Daley, Supervisor - (202) 619-1756

Provides policy procedures, and guidance to support the implementation of applicable General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR), Federal Management Regulation (FMR), and Title 41 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requirements. The program ensures that the careful stewardship of scarce resources is an integral part of the HHS mission.

Office of the Secretary and Southwest Complex Programs

Southwest Complex Wellness and Concessions

Paul Kalinowski - (202) 205-5340

Co-leads Office of the Secretary employee wellness program. Responsible for overseeing the joint Department of Health and Human Services/Department of Education Child Care Center and the Hubert H. Humphrey Building cafeteria program, healthy vending program, HHS Farmer’s Market, and other campus wellness activities. Ensures sustainability, wellness, and safety values play a meaningful and quantifiable role in the work environment of the SW Complex.

Southwest Complex Occupational Safety and Health Program

Thomas Kreitzer - (202) 205-4801

Manages the OS safety program per Executive Order 12196, Occupational Safety and Health Programs and 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1960. Assists the staff divisions through operating concepts, training, work place inspections, abatement plans, and employee complaints and appeals.  Chairs Office of the Secretary and SW Complex Safety Council.

Associated Business Lines

Asset Management System Business Line

Joseph Koch - (202) 401-1687

The Asset Management team offers an automated, electronic, and efficient method of tracking customer personal property assets for the HHS Property Management Information System (PMIS). In addition, the team offers customized user refresher training on system functionality.

Child Care Subsidy Business Line

Wellness Services

Employee Child Care Services manages PSC and customer child care subsidy programs that help make child care costs more affordable for employees who meet specific criteria. By serving as liaison between the parents and the subsidy contractor, Employee Child Care Services makes payments to the child care provider on a timely basis.

Content last reviewed on June 27, 2006