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PSC- Facilities and Logistics Service (FLS)

Director, Genevieve Hanson (202) 401-1437


Deliver HHS Facilities and Management Programs at peak effectiveness, through leadership, oversight, policy guidance, and training.

FLS leads the Department to provide best value to the taxpayer in its functional areas.

Values and Guiding Principles

    • Integrity Foremost
    • Execute Sustainability and Maintainability
    • Facility Life Cycle Management
    • Empowerment and Accountability
    • Excellence in All Our Endeavors

Strategic Goals

    • Establish policies and guidelines, and provide Departmental oversight and integration for Operating Division FLS-related activities to ensure that HHS functions as "one Department" in the facilities area.
    • Improve safety, security, maintainability, life cycle cost, health, and environmental impact by facilitating sustainable design and other best practices.
    • Reduce the cost of leasing, real property management, acquisitions and ownership.
    • Improve the physical environment and reduce operating cost of the HHH Building and the Central Employment Area.
    • Lead facilities innovation and promote continuous improvement.

Content last reviewed on June 27, 2006