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HHS Personnel Instructions and Circulars - Sorted By Chapter

ChapterSectionTitleEffective DateDownload
42 Appointment of Special Consultants 42-1Appointment of 42 U.S.C. § 209(f) Special Consultants04/02/12.pdf, .doc
Appointment of 42 U.S.C. § 209(g) Service Fellows
09/19/12.pdf, .doc
213 Excepted Service 213-1
Student Educational Employment Program and Student Volunteer Employment Program Handbook
10/30/08.pdf, .doc
250 Personnel Management in Agencies 250-2
Authority to Set Rates of Basic Pay for Positions Not Covered By other HHS Instructions or Delegations; revision
10/07/96.pdf, .doc
Delegation of Authority for Personnel Administration and Personnel Management
05/01/97.pdf, .doc
Authority to Approve Details of Civil Service Personnel Under the Public Health Service Act; deleted
11/05/07.pdf, .doc
251 Agency Relationships With Organizations Representing Federal Employees and Other Organizations 251-1
Communication and Consultation with Supervisors, Management Officials, and Employee Organizations
05/30/08.pdf, .doc
273 Personnel Management Evaluations 273-1
Human Resources Assessment Program
1/31/08.pdf, .doc
293 Personnel Records 293-3
Employee Performance File System Records
12/06/96.pdf, .doc
296 296-3
Administering Oaths of Office and Appointment Affidavits
10/04/06.pdf, .doc
297 Privacy Procedures for Personnel Records 297-1
Privacy Procedures for Personnel Records
04/25/08.pdf, .doc
300 Employment 300-3
Detail of Employees
Overseas Employment
Employment in the Excepted Service
01/30/09.pdf, .doc
Appointment of Experts and Consultants
04/25/08.pdf, .doc
315 Career and Career Conditional Employment 315-1
Probationary and Trial Periods
01/26/09.pdf, .doc
330 Recruitment, Selection, and Placement 330-2
Career Transition Assistance Plan
01/29/09.pdf, .doc
Objections to Eligibles and Passover of Veterans
10/21/11.pdf, .doc
337 Examining System 337-1
Category Rating and Selection Procedures
11/03/10.pdf, .doc
338 Qualifications Requirements 338-2
Appointments Above the Minimum Rate Because of Superior Qualifications; deleted
09/07/07.pdf, .doc
340 Part-Time Career Employment 340-1
Part-Time Career Employment
11/21/13.html, .pdf
351 Reduction in Force 351-1
Reduction in Force
352 Reemployment Rights 352-1
Actions Relating to Employees With Reemployment Rights
05/24/96.pdf, .doc
410 Training 410
Delegations of Authority to Approve and Acquire Training
03/30/95.pdf, .doc
Training Requirements for Supervisors
430 Performance Management 430-1
Performance Management Appraisal System
Performance Management for Members of the Senior Executive Service
12/01/10.pdf, .doc
451 Awards 451-1
Incentive Awards; revision
01/2010.pdf, .doc
511 Classification Under the General Schedule 511-1
Position Classification Program
Use of Career Ladder Positions
12/15/08.pdf, .doc
Non-Competitive Promotion Based Upon Reclassification (Accretion of Duties)
10/21/11.pdf, .doc
531 Pay Under the General Schedule 531-1
Setting Pay Based on Superior Qualifications and Special Needs
12/10/10.pdf, .doc
Setting Salary; revision
05/20/96.pdf, .doc
Within Grade and Quality Step Increases; consolidation of Instructions 531-4 and 531-5
06/04/96.pdf, .doc
532 Prevailing Rate Systems 532-1
Pay Setting - Federal Wage System (FWS)
01/26/09.pdf, .doc
Establishment of Temporary or Seasonal Construction Pay Rates
05/13/86.pdf, .doc
537 Repayment of Student Loans 537-1
Student Loan Repayment Program Policy
03/19/07.pdf, .doc
550 Pay Administration 550-1
Premium Pay
11/03/10.pdf, .doc
Allotments and Assignments from Federal Employees to Labor Organizations; deleted
11/06/07.pdf, .doc
Compensatory Time Off for Travel
03/28/08.pdf, .doc
Compensatory Time Off for Religious Observances
03/13/95.pdf, .doc
Distribution of Federal Salary and Other Payments By Electronic Funds Transfer; establishment of new Instruction
07/26/96.pdf, .doc
572 Payment of Travel Expenses 572-1
Payment of Travel and or Transportation Expenses; revision/consolidation
01/06/12.pdf, .doc
575 Recruitment and Relocation Bonuses, Retention Allowances, and Supervisory Differentials 575-1
Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives (3Rs) (Change 1)
12/15/08.pdf, .doc
Reimbursement of Expenses to Obtain Credentials
05/30/11.pdf, .doc
590 Title 38 Physician and Dentist Pay 590-1
This Instruction implements HHS regulations and procedures for payment of Physician and Dentist Pay (PDP)
595 Physicians Comparability Allowances 595-1
Physician's Comparability Allowance (Plan)
610 Hours of Duty 610-1
Establishing and Administering Hours of Duty
05/16/08.pdf, .doc
Temporary Closing of Work Places and Treatment of Absences
05/30/08.pdf, .doc
Establishing Appointment Effective Dates
10/21/11.pdf, .doc
630 Absence and Leave 630-1
Leave and Excused Absence; amended
12/17/10.pdf, .doc
731 Suitability, National Security Positions, and Personnel Investigations Instruction 731-1
Personnel Security/Suitability Program
01/08/98.pdf, .doc
751 Discipline 751-1
Official Reprimands (Abolished except Exhibit 751-1-A)
05/01/95.pdf, .doc
Adverse Actions (Abolished except for Exhibit 752-1-A)
05/01/95.pdf, .doc
771 Agency Administrative Grievance System 771-1
Administrative Grievance Procedure
792 Federal Employees Health and Counseling Programs 792-5
(Interim) HHS Drug-Free Workplace--Drug Testing Program
04/13/90.pdf, .doc
920 Senior Executive Service 920-1
Executive Resources Management; deleted
03/20/08.pdf, .doc
The Senior Executive Service: Reduction in Force and Furlough
06/05/96.pdf, .doc
930 Programs for Specific Positions and Examinations (Miscellaneous) 930-2
Accepting Volunteer Service for Use in Providing Health Care
06/06/97.pdf, .doc
990 General and Miscellaneous 990-1.2
Telework Policy

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