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Office of Business Management & Transformation (OBMT)

About OBMT


OBMT’s mission is to drive transformational change across HHS and its customer base spans the entire Department. Building on a classic consulting model, OBMT continuously seeks opportunities to support organizations in planning, implementing, and evaluating better business practices and lessons learned.

Among the types of services that OBMT offers are:

  • Facilitation of strategic and tactical planning for organizations, including mission definition, goal and objective setting, and the establishment of meaningful metrics and successful data collection strategies.
  • Full-service planning and implementation of high-performing organizations.
  • Expert consultation on business process re-engineering, organizational streamlining, and restructuring.
  • Documentation and dissemination of best practices that move the Department forward as an integrated whole.
  • Strategic communications designed to facilitate organizational perception and change.
  • Guidance in successful adaptation to organizational change, including prioritizing new initiatives and identifying implementation strategies.
  • Expert assistance in implementing competitive sourcing, including guidance on complying with the requirements of OMB Circular A-76. For more information, Office of Commercial Services Management.