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Office of Business Management & Transformation (OBMT)

About OBMT

Consulting and Cross-Departmental Services

OBMT’s key activities include:

  • Acting as an internal consulting group, maximizing return on taxpayer dollars by undertaking initiatives to improve services, reduce costs, and streamline bureaucracy
  • Ensuring timely completion and announcement of all planned Commercial Services Management competitions in accordance with performance requirements; facilitating the transfer of best practices through Department-wide and government-wide Commercial Services Management meetings
  • Providing Department-wide assistance in implementing business process re-engineering, organizational streamlining, and restructuring
  • Institutionalizing performance measurement for program evaluation and productivity improvement by tracking trends in ASA key performance indicators
  • Ensuring shared services optimization by actively monitoring Service and Supply Fund (SSF) Board and Workgroup discussions
  • Leveraging sustainability-related savings/cost avoidances for further environmental initiatives