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Committee Recommendations

May 27-28, 2009

CFSAC voted upon and agreed for the following recommendations to be forwarded to the Assistant Secretary for Health and the Secretary:

Recommendation # 1

Establish progressive leadership at the CDC that can achieve efficient meaningful progress in CFS research, clinical care and education.

Recommendation # 2

Provide adequate funding to CDC to effectively carry out a detailed 5-year plan.  This should include, but not be limited to, immediate progress in these priority areas:

  1. Identification of biomarkers and etiology of CFS;
  2. Creation of guidelines for adult and pediatric CFS management in full partnership with organizations representing CFS scientific and clinical expertise;
  3. Provision of web-based guidelines for CFS management given our current state of knowledge and expert opinion, again in full partnership with organizations representing CFS clinical and scientific expertise; and
  4. Provision of comprehensive information about CFS in partnership with CFS experts to the scientific community, medical and mental health providers, educational institutions and the public for both adult and pediatric CFS through DHHS resources.

Recommendation # 3

Establish Regional Centers funded by DHHS for clinical care, research, and education on CFS. These centers will provide care to this critically underserved population, educate providers, outreach to the community, and provide effective basic science, translational, and clinical research on CFS.