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Admininstrative and Management Support for CFSAC Activities

As of November 1, 2008, administrative and management support for CFSAC activities will be provided by the Office on Women's Health (OWH). OWH is a program office within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH), Office of the Secretary. As a result of this assignment designation, Dr. Wanda K. Jones, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Women's Health) will assume responsibility as the designated Federal officer for CFSAC. This assignment of duties to OWH should be viewed as a very positive step forward for CFSAC; primary support for performing CFSAC-specific duties has now been assigned to an ASH program office. CFSAC will still remain under the purview of the Assistant Secretary for Health, who provides leadership for the ASH. This change in the management support responsibility for CFSAC activities is being carried out because ASH management wanted to ensure that adequate logistical and technical support be devoted to CFSAC, as well as to this important public health problem.

OWH focuses on advancing science-based program and policies that support public health issues affecting not only women, but both genders. The OWH infrastructure will provide better support to the Secretary and the Department to promote efforts to properly address issues and concerns of the CFS community. Specifically, OWH staff has knowledge and experience developing innovative and creative approaches to better inform and educate health professionals and the public about public health issues similar to CFS. OWH management support for CFSAC activities will promote better collection and dissemination of science-based information that pertains to topics to be discussed by CFSAC. OWH will also provide better coordination of Departmental efforts to respond to CFSAC recommendations and to implement change in program operations to promote Departmental objectives and goals. This assignment also will result in better management of Committee activities – to improve administrative practices and procedures that are necessary to conduct Committee business. Providing more support to manage CFSAC activities at this level of the Department should be viewed by members of the CFS community as a positive step being taken by the Department to reinforce its level of commitment to properly address this public health concern.