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Small Business

Small Businesses are the Heart of the Economy

Topics on this page:

HHS Outreach Activities and Events

HHS is committed to helping small businesses in their pursuit of health and human services related contracts. Learn about our opportunities for you to learn about HHS, its contracting opportunities, and how we can do business together. Here's how we reach out to businesses: 

  • Browse the Calendar of Events for the latest information on upcoming small business events.
  • Be sure to register for the Vendor Outreach Sessions (when available).

Note: The June and July HHS Vendor Outreach Sessions are reserved for vendors who participated in the HHS Getting Back to Business Event. Registration will not be open the public. 

The HHS Monthly Vendor Outreach Session will resume as normal in the month of August.

Contracting Information

Locate sources of detailed current and future contract information available to those interested in working with HHS:

Content created by Assist. Sec./Financial Resources - Small/Disadvantaged Business
Content last reviewed on July 18, 2014