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HHS Programs and Services

Health Care Insurance

HHS’ Medicare program is the nation’s largest health insurer, handling more than 1 billion claims per year. Medicare and Medicaid together provide health care insurance for one in four Americans. The Affordable Care Act makes health insurance coverage more secure and reliable for Americans who have it, makes coverage more affordable for families and small business owners, and brings downs skyrocketing health care costs that have put a strain on individuals, families, employees, and our federal budget.

Public Health Programs

HHS strengthens and modernizes health care to improve patient outcomes, promote efficiency and accountability, ensure patient safety, encourage shared responsibility, and work toward high-value health care. HHS also is improving access to culturally competent quality health care for uninsured, underserved, vulnerable, older, and special needs populations.

Social Service Programs

HHS agencies work together and collaborate across federal departments to maximize the potential benefits of various programs, services, and policies designed to improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Many HHS agencies fund essential human services to those who are least able to help themselves, often through the Department's state, local, and tribal partners.


HHS expands scientific understanding of how to advance health care, public health, human services, biomedical research, and the availability of safe medical and food products. Chief among these efforts are the identification, implementation, and rigorous evaluation of new approaches in science, health care, public health, and human services that reward efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

HHS Program Inventory

To learn more about our programs and services, see the HHS Program Inventory (Fiscal Year 2013). This document describes each of the 115 programs that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) administers across its operating divisions, as well as how the program supports the Department’s broader Strategic Goals and Strategic Objectives.

Services Focusing on Sustainable and Responsive Development

We are committed to leading the way on implementation of sustainable practices, provision of climate-resilient health and human services, and support of scientific research focused on environmental and public health, including research on the effects of climate change on human health and well-being.

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