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Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA)

ASA Text Version

ASA Organizational Chart

Text Version:

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA) is supported by five direct-report offices. Each of these offices have sub-divisions, listed below.

Assistant Secretary for Administration, E.J. Holland, Jr.

  • Senior Advisor, Adriane Riase
    • IOS Admin Management
  • EEO Compliance & Operations
  • Office of Business Management and Transformation, Michael Yea
    • Division of Business Management
    • Division of Organizational Reengineering
    • Division of Strategic Initiatives
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer, Frank Baitman
    • Office of Business Operations
    • Office of Enterprise Application Development
    • Office of Enterprise Architecture & Strategic Planning
    • Office of Information Security
    • Office of Innovation
    • Office of Information Technology and Infrastructure Operations
    • Office of Portfolio Management¬†
  • Office of Human Resources, John Gill
    • National Capital Region HR Center
    • Strategic Programs Division
    • Executive and Scientific Resources Division
    • Business, Strategy & Program Management Division
  • Office of Security and Strategic Information, Patricia Long
    • Division of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
    • Division of Personnel Security
    • Division of Physical Security
    • Division of Security Access Management HSPD-12
    • Division of Security Programs and Operations
  • Program Support Center, Paul Bartley
    • Administrative Operations Service
    • Facilities and Logistics Service
    • Federal Occupational Health
    • Financial Management Service
    • Strategic Acquisition Service
Office of the Assistant Secretary for AdministrationEEO Compliance and OperationsOffice of Business Management and TransformationDivision of Business ManagementDivision of Organizational ReengineeringDivision of Strategic InitiativesOffice of the Chief Information OfficerOffice of Business OperationsOffice of Enterprise Application DevelopmentOffice of Enterprise Architecture & Strategic PlanningOffice of Information SecurityOffice of InnovationOffice of Information Technology and Infrastructure OperationsOffice of Portfolio ManagementOffice of Human ResourcesNational Capital Region HR CenterStrategic Programs DivisionExecutive and Scientific Resources DivisionBusiness, Strategy & Program Management DivisionOffice of Security and Strategic InformationDivision of Intelligence and Counter IntelligenceDivision of Personnel SecurityDivision of Physical SecurityDivision of Security Access Management HSPD-12Division of Security Programs and OperationsProgram Support CenterAdministrative Operations ServiceFacilities and Logistics ServiceFederal Occupational HealthFinancial Management ServiceStrategic Acquisition Service

Content created by Assist. Sec./Administration
Content last reviewed on July 18, 2014